Wave is a marketing, communications and publicity company that puts story at the heart of everything it does for its clients.


Because GREAT storiesĀ  engage and connect you with your audience.

To craft stories that work, Wave assists clients to develop sound marketing and communications strategies by asking three simple questions:

  1. What do you want to say? CONTENT.
  2. Who do you want to say it to? AUDIENCE.
  3. To what effect? RESULT.

The answers help determine the channels of communication.

Then we roll out the stories.

Stories that entertain.

Stories that educate.

Stories that inform.

Stories that touch the heart.

Stories that prompt action.

GREAT stories make the difference no matter the medium.

Wave tells GREAT stories that work for your audience and you.

If you’ve got stories that need to be told to assist the marketing communications of your product, event, business or organisation, contact us here.