Wave is a full-service marketing communications company serving all sectors, with specialties in Arts, Entertainment, Tourism and the Japanese market.

Our approach to strategy is simple:

  1. What do you want to say?
  2. Who do you want to say it to?
  3. To what effect?

These three questions are the drivers we use to help you develop strategy for your marketing and communications.

We delve deeply into the responses, then shape your plans and decide on the tactical implementation that will deliver results.

In this engaged consumer world, Wave believes GREAT stories are paramount in achieving marketing and communications objectives.

All marketing and communications activity should tell great stories to engage audiences and move them to respond in the ways you seek.

Story sits at the heart of everything Wave does.

With plans and budgets in place, Wave can work with you to implement your marketing and communications activity through all communications channels.

Content Creation
Whether its on the page, online, on screen, on stage or anywhere else, Wave has the skills and the supplier networks to create the content you need.

Content that positions. Content that engages. Content that moves. Content that generates the response you want.

In this audience-fragmented world with ever-increasing means of communication, content is still king.

And for content to be effective, it must tell GREAT stories.

Wave’s principals have an extensive background in the Japanese marketplace and engage in ongoing marketing and or communications activity for Japanese clients, or clients targeting Japanese audiences. This work extends to interpretation and translation from and to English and Japanese.

Wave – Marketing. Communications. Publicity. Contact us here to discuss your requirements.

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